From Busyness and Burnout to Simplicity and Ease

Monday 2nd May 2016
5.30-7.30 pm
Wellington, New Zealand

Eventbrite - From Busyness and Burnout to Simplicity and Ease

Burnout, pressure and stress have become such an accepted part of modern-day society, it can be hard to challenge that norm and see a way out.

In many ways, busyness has become so normalised that it can soon become a part of our sense of identity and self-worth.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact it is possible to experience busyness with a great deal more ease – regardless of how much we have on our plates.

If you are a leader, manager, business owner or busy professional, take an evening off and join us for an eye-opening conversation on how you – and your staff – can immediately experience less burnout, pressure and overwhelm both at work and in life, without the need to do anything new.

There will be no techniques or strategies to learn, and nothing you have to do or practise when you leave.

Just bring yourself and a willingness to see your experience of burnout in a whole new way, and with far more simplicity and ease.

Join us for a glass of wine and a chance to meet other participants at 5.30 pm for a 6 pm start.

Eventbrite - From Busyness and Burnout to Simplicity and Ease

Event Details

Where: St John’s Presbyterian Church, Wellington

When: Monday 2nd May, 5.30-7.30 pm

Tickets cost $25 (Plus additional applicable Eventbrite fees)

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