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State of Mind
Transformational Leadership
Global Change
High Performance, Influence and Impact
Culture Change
Wellbeing, Engagement and Resilience

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What people say:

Simple, creative, inspirational, life-transforming.

I liked the fact that you have turned some of our deep-embedded notions upside down. Goals, visions, and even your thoughts don’t have to occur in the way we’ve been brought up to believe. This seminar makes you think.

Your workshop has challenged me to recognise all the potential I have inside me.

Just a short note to say thanks for an interesting presentation last night. I think you gave many people food for thought, myself included, about how we approach life and our decisions that shape it. Sometimes these meetings can be a little staid; yours thankfully was engaging and informative with plenty to reflect on at the time and afterwards.

Susan’s talks are inspiring and motivational. She exudes an energy and warmth that is rooted in her passion and belief that we have the power to change our lives for the better. She is captivating to listen to and I would highly recommend her. 

Ms Andrewes is truly professional & inspiring. Ms Andrewes’ talk was laser sharp, witty and she showed great leadership skills. I really appreciate and am grateful for the time she gave us.

I just listened to Susan and I thought her presentation was excellent: so clear, well paced, informative and easy-to-follow – and inspiring. Thank you so much.

Brilliant! Excellent content delivered in a really enthusiastic and practical way.

Good presenter; interesting content; very motivational.

Would have been great to have had longer.

It was useful to be challenged to think differently.

Excellent presenter.

Should be a course.

Deeply inspiring – brilliantly to the point. 

I enjoyed Susan’s passion and the discussion at the end – would have liked more time.

The presenter was fantastic and really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Better than I thought it would be – I should be less cynical. Really thought provoking – I agreed with lots.

VERY GOOD SESSION – Susan is positive and inspiring.

Would have loved to have had more time.




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