Susan Andrewes


Susan Andrewes is the founder and director of Susan Andrewes Consulting Ltd, a consultancy dedicated to creating a better world through a clearer understanding of the mind.

An experienced executive and performance coach, in 2011 Susan was introduced to a profound new understanding of the principles behind the mind and was impacted by the transformations in her clients’ lives and work. Susan has since trained with the pioneers in this field and is one of Australasia’s foremost specialists in this work. She is now dedicated to sharing this understanding with individuals, leaders, businesses and organisations as a new context and framework for defining what is possible for New Zealand and the world.

Susan Andrewes Consulting Ltd partners with influential leaders, change-makers and organisations to solve their biggest challenges and achieve sustainable positive change. Susan is particularly interested in global change and is a founding contributor to One Solution, a ground-breaking global initiative aimed at solving the world’s greatest challenges through an understanding of the mind.

Susan is also a professionally-trained conference interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive) and translator. She has ten years’ experience in interpreting at high-level international meetings in Brussels and throughout Europe. She speaks French, German, Spanish and Hungarian and spent 17 years living in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and the UK before returning to New Zealand in 2015. She brings her wealth of expertise in language, communication, international affairs and organisational dynamics to her work with clients.


We specialise in transformational leadership and sustainable change – individual, organisational and global. We partner with influential leaders and organisations to solve their biggest challenges and create sustainable positive change. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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