Susan Andrewes


Susan is the director of Susan Andrewes Consulting Ltd, a New Zealand-based company dedicated to helping individuals, leaders and organisations thrive and perform at their best through a clearer understanding of the mind.

With a background in languages and linguistics, Susan spent ten years as a conference interpreter, providing simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for high-level international meetings and negotiations in Brussels and throughout Europe.

In 2011, she was introduced to an understanding of the mind that radically shifted her understanding of the world and the nature of human potential. Susan now specialises in transformation and has a particular interest in global change. She partners with leaders and individuals interested in better understanding and leveraging their own potential to lead and effect positive change in their lives, in their organisations and in the world. Susan has an in-depth understanding of thought, culture, communication, resilience, personal and organisational performance, and the human dimension of change.


We specialise in transformational leadership and sustainable change – individual, organisational and global. We partner with influential leaders and organisations to solve their biggest challenges and create sustainable positive change. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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