Susan Andrewes is one of those (rare) people with a talent for making the complex simple, making the invisible visible and making the difficult easy. She shines a light on the role our minds play in our experience of life and – as if by magic – we are freed to be fuller, richer, more radiant versions of ourselves. A true leader, Susan teaches with directness, humility and a capacity to learn from every person in the room. I highly recommend you experience her work in person.
– Mahima Shrestha, Speaker and PR & Communications Consultant, Kathmandu

As a teacher working in a high school in the U.S., we have the best intentions in mind when working to educate the whole child.  In considering their academic and social-emotional needs, I hear buzzwords at school like, “building resilience and empathy, promoting critical thinking, checking for student engagement, or accommodating special needs, like ADHD (and others)”. These are all carefully considered with student success and happiness as the goal, but it occurred to me when working with Susan that as a school culture, we are treating these as separate issues, as if they are disconnected. We are looking at what is wrong and what assistance and techniques we need to provide students, rather than looking at their innate well-being and knowing that resilience, empathy, etc. lies within them naturally.

What seems to be the missing, connecting piece in discussion is thought. Examining the power of thought, the inside-out nature of the human experience, and the fact that we do think, rather than focusing on the content of our thinking, is not discussed in school culture, or much in our culture in general.  What if it were?

Exploring the potential of this understanding of the mind for the world and all the possibilities with Susan has been eye-opening, fun, hopeful, and a huge relief, both personally and professionally.
– JJ Hill, High School Teacher, Chicago

Working with Susan has helped me immensely with stressful moments, both in my private and professional life. I no longer get stuck in thinking around pressure and frustration, wasting precious energy on these thoughts. It was like discovering a pair of wings on my back that had been there all the time but went unnoticed. I still experience stress and pressure, that’s life. But I no longer get stuck in these thoughts and the feelings they trigger. That’s freedom.
– Maren Heiber, Conference Interpreter, Brussels

If anyone had told me six months ago that I would be calmer, more confident, doing more exciting things, yet be less stressed and feel less busy, I would have laughed in their face. How fate can laugh now. Working with Susan over the first few months of this year has opened up such a horizon of exciting opportunities and potential adventures I can scarce write for the buzz I feel. When we first met and she asked me what would make my life extraordinary, all I could think was that I wanted to truly be a part of my own life, not just seem like a spectator on the sidelines watching it play out before me. Today, I’m right in the midst of it all, making choices that I want to make, enjoying better relationships with friends, family and colleagues and having a great time. I have Susan’s insights to thank for this.  Her concepts and work are simple, yet profound and I feel energised thinking of what the next few months working with her will bring about.
– Fiona Humphrey, Deutsche Bank, London

I had never invested in myself in this way before and I was worried about whether it would be worth the time and financial commitment. However, working with Susan has been such a worthwhile experience for me. I feel like my experience of life and my relationship with myself is changing in a beautiful way. I started working with Susan in the hope that I could become a more confident and brave person; instead it has led me to uncover my true self again. I feel more at ease with myself and more clear about who I am. Before working with Susan, I wasn’t sure about what I should try to accomplish next in life or how I should try and live my life and I found it quite stressful and overwhelming. Life now seems full of possibilities again to me. I feel like I can live from my heart not just my head. Susan, thank you so much, working with you has been such an amazing gift to me.
– Rose G, Legal Counsel, London

I was first introduced to Susan Andrewes’ work at a workshop she hosted. With each new point raised I felt as though Susan was removing layers of thought conditioning to reveal a way of living which made so much sense, and seemed so simple, that I had to find out more. With the focus being on living from the inside out, I started to work with her. This has been a life-changing decision. My life has turned around to be fuller in purpose, clearer in direction and – more importantly – happier. The results have been very tangible.  I have found clarity with what is important to me, and left my full time role in sales to undertake the creation of an exciting new business. The path I am on is hurtling me towards many exciting adventures, and I am much more open to other opportunities as they come along. I am more present in my life, available more to those whom I love, and have a fun-filled working life which I adore.
– Tania Bearsley, London

Six months ago I was unable to hope, want, plan or feel emotions other than pain, regret, and failure. Now I am a positive, energetic and enthusiastic person, trying new things every day and enjoying life every minute. I am in control of my life and I have stopped regretting and feeling defeated. More than anything, I have come to understand that I am what I am regardless of what I do….I would have been very good at what I was doing before….but I will instead be very good at something else, without feeling that I have lost part of me, or failed and had to settle for second best. It doesn’t really matter which road I choose next, because I know that I have everything I need with me……and, because of that, I am free.
– Mara M, Medical Director, London

Thank you for the gift that you have given me – to help me see and feel what I would like my life to be like. You have helped me connect with myself. The quality of your listening is profound, and I am very, very grateful.
– Lisa H, Events Manager, London

Susan knows what it takes to be successful. I have witnessed the transformation she has made as a person as she has aligned herself with what’s important to her and what she is most passionate about. She is walking her talk. Watching her journey inspired me to do the same. I am now about to release my very first non-fiction business book, which I wouldn’t have even thought possible before now. There is also so much positive energy and momentum happening with my young business because I am now truly aligned to what I am most passionate about. Positive things just happen when you operate from a place of inspiration. The fear is gone and in its place is excitement about what is truly possible. We are all the same – it is the decisions we make and the outlook we adopt that determine whether we will meet with extraordinary success or not. Susan is the guide you need to make that shift for yourself.
– Kelly Cifford, London – Author of Profit Rocket and Founder of Profit in Focus



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