We hear this all the time
>life can be easy
>change can be simple
>the future is bright


To those of us involved in upgrading ‘the way things are’ in education, healthcare, business, public policy, gender parity and more, these can seem like the bumper-stickerish things only someone who has never actually tried to change anything would say.

Ease doesn’t come easy for those of us on a mission to save the world, help the poor, protect the vulnerable…all on our two overworked shoulders.

With all our good intentions there is a way that we world changers (leaders, educators, carers, activists, coaches, campaigners, trailblazers) can be aware of everybody’s needs but our own and find ourselves often

  • Overwhelmed
  • Despairing
  • Exhausted

I have three questions for you

  • What if the emotional charge (i.e. all the stress, strain and suffering in your heart and mind) you have around this vanished?
  • Can you bring peace, wellbeing and freedom into the world if you don’t experience it yourself?
  • What if this was the key to doubling your effectiveness as a trailblazer and your happiness as an individual?

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a 3-day immersion course especially designed for trailblazing leaders with a vision to understand, thrive and lead in the coming decades of radical change…while maintaining a spring in their step and light in their heart.